Mountain States Windows & Siding is one of the premiere providers for windows, siding, exterior remodels, and more for all of Utah County. We started small in Lehi, Utah and that’s where our roots have grown. From Lehi we began serving our neighbors and friends, quickly expanding our reach as our positive reviews and referrals spread. Mountain States Windows & Siding is now proud to service all of Utah County, including the hub of South Utah County – Payson, Utah.

We have watched all of Utah County explode with growth over the past decade. In Lehi we’ve been the epicenter, but we have helped our neighbors to the south through every step of the process. We have served the expansion and revitalization of small farming communities like Payson and Spanish Fork. Once quiet and rural, these cities can now boast of thriving business districts, new residential areas, and an entirely new culture.

One of our favorite things to do at Mountain States Windows & Siding is to go into the established neighborhoods of historic cities like Payson and remodel or refurbish older homes.

We can complete an entire exterior remodel that will modernize your house while also increasing energy efficiency. We can replace old, warped, and discolored windows with newer and better insulating windows.

We can add siding or repair any exterior damage you may have. We know that Payson has changed rapidly and you’re ready to keep up. We can help.

Mountain States Windows & Siding has been serving the Payson area, as well as greater Utah County, as a neighbor. We are here to stay, so we offer the best services with affordable pricing that we can offer to our family, friends, and neighbors. You can trust us to provide great quality, unbeatable customer service, and competitive pricing for your Payson build or remodel. Give us a call today for a free consultation.