Midvale Utah Window and Siding Contractor

Midvale city is accurately named – it’s the middle of our vale and the center of everything. Nestled snugly between Sandy (south) and Murray (north), West Jordan (west) and Cottonwood Heights (east), it’s been the center of everything for as long as the pioneers have been here. It’s everything a central city should be – easily transversed, full of helpful business and commercial districts, and a great place to live. Midvale has been a popular place to locate due to it’s central location and easy access, both for residential families and small and large businesses.


Windows & Siding Contractor in Midvale Utah


Midvale’s location is helpful because it lies so close to the main Salt Lake City area. It makes business and trade incredibly effective.

Everything and everyone can be easily plugged into the business, culture, and other benefits that the capital has to offer.

Midvale, however, is about 15-20 minutes south of downtown, which makes the noise, stress, and busyness of the city a distant issue that you won’t have to worry about.

Midvale began, like many of the communities in Utah, as an agricultural town. Eventually, as the town grew, so did the opportunities. Soon silver was discovered in Bingham Canyon and the surrounding area. Industry boomed, and people flocked to the area. The small agricultural community grew into a full-fledged city with mining, trade, farming, and growing neighborhoods for families and individuals.

Midvale is still a bustling community at the center of everything. Because much of the area has already been developed and is bordered on every side but other successful Utah cities, much of the growth has come in terms of refurbishment and remodeling. Buildings are demolished and rebuilt, additions are added to the sides and tops of remodeled structures, and residences are refurbished to keep them updated and current.

If you’re in the Midvale area you may want to build, remodel, or update your building – whether it’s residential or commercial. As the area continues to develop and grow, your options seem limited, but new cabinets, kitchens, and updated bathrooms are the way to go.

Mountain States Windows & Siding have been serving the Midvale area for years. They know it’s unique needs and offer trustworthy local service that is affordable and effective. If your kitchen or bathroom could use some love, or you find yourself in need of custom cabinets to meet your business or family’s needs – Mountain States Windows & Siding has exactly what you need!