Lindon is one beautiful place to live. The hillside location offers stunning views of the beautiful Utah Valley including Utah Lake set against the backdrop of the Oquirrh Mountains. You can see the gorgeous sunsets that make the entire Wasatch Front glow. The winter wonderland that spreads below the Lindon hills is better than most Christmas cards. It’s one of the most picturesque cities in Utah, and possibly the entire nation.


Windows & Siding Contractor in Lindon Utah


Lindon is unique, because it has two varied sections. The older section is spillover from the settlement communities of Orem to the south and Pleasant Grove to the north. Some of the historic homes have been here for over a century. The development of the town of Lindon expanded once again in the early 2000s with explosive growth up the hillside. Cul-de-sacs and neighborhoods were carved into the mountainside with rapid efficiency, and allowed Lindon to be come a bona fide city.

Soon after the huge hillside development, schools, a pool, and businesses followed. The bend of State Street from Orem into Pleasant Grove now features many Lindon stores and small businesses, as well as large chains – including Walmart. There are still areas of Lindon that are seeing construction growth for new homes and businesses, as well as a refresh in the older neighborhoods needing updating.

Mountain States Windows & Siding has been proudly serving the Lindon area for years. We are a local company with roots and pride for this valley. We recognize the unique nature of Lindon City, and we love adding character and energy efficiency to the newer and much older homes in the area. Our windows and siding options can transform any home regardless of the age or design. We’ve worked on the pioneer era cottages all the way up to the new and spacious homes on the hillside.

If you own or are building a Lindon home or a Lindon business, don’t waste time and money with contractors who aren’t invested in you or the area. Mountain States Windows & Siding can meet all your needs with knowledge and respect for the Lindon area. Call us today at (801) 572-8039 for a free consultation!