Utah Energy Star Windows

At Mountain States, we know windows are a huge investment and something you only want to once. Getting Energy Star triple pane windows for your home is certainly the right way to go and the numbers are in your favor if you do, not just aesthetics. For example, the U-Factor, which is a measure of how quickly heat is lost through your windows, are, on average, 20-30% better for triple pane energy star windows than for double pane windows. An improvement that dramatic means a real difference in the level of heat loss you experience in your home and the amount you pay for your heating and utility bills. Not only does that energy efficiency help you out during the window.

Utah Energy Star Windows

 The less heat getting into your house through your windows, the less you have to pay to cool your home back down. Solar Heat Gain, a measure of hos much solar heat is transferred through your windows, is significantly decreased when you choose Energy Star triple pane windows, and there are several options available based on how much heat and visible light you want to allow into your home.

Triple pane windows also enjoy significant gains in R-Value, which is a measure of how resistant a material is to heat flow through it. Double pane windows have r-values ranging between 3 and 3.7. Energy Star energy efficient triple pane windows, on the other hand, can have r-values all the way to 5, representing a significant gain to you. You can save serious money on your energy bill thanks to your triple pane windows.Energy Star windows offer more comfort in both summer and winter, they provide you considerably more energy savings in both the short and long run. 

Utah Energy Efficient Windows

and they are more affordable than you might think; especially when it comes to any Energy Star-rated double pane windows out there and even with most other triple panes on the market. Also, you get more than twice the utility rebates in Lehi, Utah from Questar and Rocky Mountain Power!