Mountain States Windows & Siding is the premier windows installer and windows replacement company in Utah and our professional windows installer team stands ready to solve any and all of your needs and problems related to house windows, new windows and replacement windows.

Windows – The Eyes of Your Home

At Mountain States Windows & Siding it’s no surprise that we’re passionate about windows. Home windows truly are the eyes of your home, allowing you to see out, but also allowing light and the outside world to see in. Windows say a lot about the quality, design, and feel of your home. But they often go unnoticed until filthy or broken. We’d like to change that.

Windows provide so much to your home. Natural light can completely change the feel of a room, while being able to open a window for a fresh breeze can change the feel of your day. Secure windows can help you feel safer. Accent windows can update an older structure. And clean windows just make the whole world brighter.

Let’s not forget about extras! Shutters and other forms of window updates and treatments can be absolutely transformative. Some are purely cosmetic to add curb appeal, but some are designed to protect your windows from inclement weather or to fight direct glare. The windows you’re “stuck with” are still open for interpretation with the extras that Mountain States has to offer.

Are you concerned about your home being energy efficient? Worried about a rising utilities bill? Well, let’s talk about your windows. Did you know that ill-fitting and older windows can be harming your home’s air conditioning and energy expenditure? It’s true. Heat transfer is a real problem with thin, damaged, or older windows. On the other hand, newer windows are designed to better insulate your home and keep your expensive air conditioning within your home. Reflective films are particularly effective at preventing direct sunlight from penetrating your windows and heating your home during the long Utah summer months.

What Is Your Windows Replacement Project?

  • Building a new home? Check.
  • Remodeling? Check.
  • Replacing windows in an existing home? Check.
  • Repairing a damaged or older window? Check.
  • Have to replace small windows for bathrooms? Check.
  • Adding shutters, films, or other extras for décor or functionality? Check.
  • Fixed windows, triple pane windows, and a wide variety of window options within whatever your budget may be? Check.

Don’t fall into the thousands of homeowners who put windows on the back burner, only noticing them when spring cleaning rolls around. Windows are an integral part of your home that can make life bright, beautiful, and even more energy efficient. Let us help you take your windows to the next level for maximum satisfaction.


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