Stucco Siding

Utah-Stucco-Siding-Contractor-01What Is Stucco Siding? Stucco siding is amazing. You just don’t know it. But you can see it if you look at our gallery.

You’re probably used to seeing different kinds of siding on the homes in your neighborhood, you might not be familiar with the different kinds of siding available. The most popular kind of siding in Utah is probably vinyl siding, although some homes also offer stone or wood siding.

Although extremely popular in many southern areas like Florida or Texas, stucco siding is often overlooked in favor of brick or vinyl. That being said, you shouldn’t make that mistake for your own home.

Stucco siding is made by creating a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and water which is very durable and can be given a rough finish or a smooth one depending on your personal tastes. Because smearing stucco directly onto the frame of your house is usually impossible, stucco is applied over a rough wire framework so that it has something to adhere to. Once stucco dries, it is very hard and has a rock like consistency.

Why Should You Choose Stucco Siding For Your Home?

Utah-Stucco-Siding-ContractorKnowing what stucco siding actually is, why should you bother considering it and why would you want to choose it for your home?

Great questions.

Probably one of the biggest advantages of choosing stucco siding instead of vinyl siding is how flexible it is.

Because stucco siding is smeared on to your home, much like concrete is formed, you can do a lot more with the design than you could easily do with other siding materials. This includes applying it to curves and angels that traditional siding wouldn’t be able to accommodate.

In addition, the fact that you can customize the look and feel of your stucco siding makes it another reason why you should choose it for your home. Instead of only having a few basic options for the texture or color, stucco allows you to customize almost every aspect of your siding, meaning your home will end up looking exactly like you want it to.

In addition, stucco siding is water-shedding and impact resistant and it also breathes well, meaning the water that gets in it does not get stuck where it can cause water damage or allow mold growth. Not only does this feature protect your home from these kinds of damage, it also helps protect the air quality inside your home.

Stucco siding is also fire and noise-resistant. It has been classified as noncombustible and can provide up to an hour of fire resistance if applied correctly, and that same sealing that provides that fire resistance is also why excess noise from the outside is reduced.

Although each of these benefits are a great part of why stucco siding might be a good idea for your home, they are not all of the benefits available. Get in contact with us today if you have additional questions, or request a free estimate on your home.



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