Midvale, Utah may seem like a place that’s done changing. Settled in the 1850s, it began like many Utah towns – with agriculture and commerce. Midvale also had the added benefit of mining in Bingham Canyon and the surrounding mountains. It grew steadily, in area, population, and strength for decades, until suddenly it was encompassed on all sides. Midvale is flanked all around with other successful Utah cities, and has been hedged in for quite some time. Many people think this means it has reached it’s measure and is done growing and developing. The boundaries are set and tight – there’s really not much more for them to do, right?

Wrong! Midvale, though bordered by other prominent Utah cities, is continuing to grow and develop. Like many Utah communities there is a push now to revitalize and refurbish some of the older districts and historic neighborhoods. Old and unusable buildings are demolished to free up land for new development. Structures are expanding with new additions to the sides as well as vertical development. Older homes and businesses are being refreshed with modern updates and new technology. It’s a great time to be in a landlocked city.

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